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Artisian Series

Creative Ideas, Concrete Solutions

Welcome to Newtonbrook Block and Supply Company Limited, manufacturer and supplier of high quality Landscape Interlocking Pavers and Masonry Products.

Photo of the Year

Photo of the Year

Architectural Project of the Year
(St. Peter and Paul Church, Mississauga)

Architectural Project of the Year
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Newtonbrook Patio Dream

Our Concrete Products include:

  • Tumbled and Specialty Pavers
  • Garden and Retaining Wall Units
  • Face Brick
  • Concrete, Hi-Strength and Lightweight Standard Blocks
  • Large Assortment of Architectural Blocks

Newtonbrook supplies Concrete Block and Brick to a large network of Building Supply Dealers and Paving Stones and Garden Wall Products to Garden & Landscaping Centres throughout the Greater Toronto Area and across Southern Ontario.

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